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Giant Steps MINI Challenge, Lisle, IL

DATEJun 04, 2022 CITYLisle, IL

Turbocharge your support of Giant Steps by participating in our first ever MINI Challenge "FundRacing" event! You'll let it rip on a challenging autocross course behind the wheel of an exhilarating MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop. Engineered by BMW, these German engineered / British built cars deliver surprising performance, but are docile enough for drivers of all levels. No previous racing or performance driving experience is necessary.

2-time Indy 500 runner-up, Scott Goodyear, will conduct the drivers meeting and provide instruction via in-car radio during a low speed orientation lap of the course. You will then get three timed lapping sessions with breaks in between to debrief with your teammates. Scott will be available for additional coaching during the breaks. Upon completion of the timed laps, he will then take to the course to do a few timed laps of his own so that you can directly compare your laps times to those a high level, professional race car driver!

Participation takes approximately two hours. Individual standings are displayed in real time during the event. Standings are also accessible on your smart phone so that you can easily keep track of the action throughout the day no matter where you are.


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Since our inception in 1996, Giant Steps has been focused on providing education, therapeutic and recreational programs for Elementary, Junior High and High School students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), their families and the community. Giant Steps is currently designated as a therapeutic day school in the State of Illinois licensed and certified to exclusively serve students with a primary diagnosis of autism.

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